This is a page for tips on Ymir. Here, you can find the god/goddess's strengths and weaknesses, good items, and other strategies for the god.



Ymir has high crowd control. Ymir has little mobility.
Ymir does a lot of damage. He can be vulnerable when casting his abilities.

Abilities Edit




Ymir's passive is not especially helpful, except against AI minions and jungle minions, and bosses. However, Frost Breath does pair rather well with this ability, has he can actually reach his targets after using an ability.

Ice Wall

Ice Wall has many purposes. It can be used to shield yourself from attacks, and it can also temporarily block enemy movement, forcing them to take a longer route, and giving time for your allies or yourself to kill them.

Glacial Strike

Glacial Strike deals a tremendous amount of damage. Pretty much all minions automatically get killed when this ability is at rank 4, and gods take a large amount of damage, close to 1/5 to 1/6 of their health when Ymir has a lot of Magical Power.

Frost Breath

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