Vengeance eSports is a new eSports organization focusing on League of Legends, Dota 2, SMITE and a few more games.
Vengeance eSports

Current RosterEdit

Former RosterEdit





Next TeamEdit

Pakuzza Solo Lane Reason Gaming EU
Denmark Flag
repikas Thomas Jungler Epsilon eSports
Polish Flag
Frezzyy Oskar Lasota Mid Lane
Polish Flag
FrostiaK Arkadiusz Krupka Hunter Cloud 9
German Flag
LennoX Guardian Epsilon eSports
Swedish Flag
Gese Gustav Sandberg Guardian Vindicate
Swedish Flag
Limepojken Jimmy Stenvall Hunter Vindicate
UK Flag
Vensushi Mid Lane Vindicate
UK Flag
IvanDrago Ivan Black Hunter Vindicate
UK Flag
campbelliny Liam Campbell Guardian Vindicate

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