Triumphant Chests is a new system in Smite, added in Patch 4.13. It rewards players for winning PvP matches. Every time a player wins a match, they will be rewarded with one of the 3 following chests: Winner's Chest, Champion's Chest, Hero's Chest, with increasingly better rewards. These chests contain:

  • Recolor skins
  • Tier 2 skins
  • Avatars
  • Emotes
  • Boosters (Favor, FP, XP, Team Favor, FP, XP)
  • Voice packs
  • Ward skins

You will begin with 4 open slots and once a Chest is received and opened, that slot will become locked until it resets on Tuesday. However, if a player decides upon it, they can unlock slots with 2750 Favor or 75 Gems.

As you open more chests you will begin working towards unlocking a Godlike Chest. A Godlike Chest is earned after opening a combination of 20 Winner's, Champion's, and Hero's Chest and will contain the rarest items including the exclusive Cupid skin. Rare items including:

  • Head Over Heals Cupid
  • Tier 3 skins
  • Tier 2 skins
  • Announcer Packs
  • Voice packs
  • Boosters (Team XP, FP)
  • Emotes
HeadOverHealsCupid Wallpaper

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