SK Gaming is an international multi-gaming organisation, gathering together not only the top players of each gaming discipline but also nurturing upcoming talent and making them the stars of today. SK Gaming was founded in 1997 under the name 'Schroet Kommando' in Oberhausen, Germany. 


Current RosterEdit

Former PlayersEdit





Next TeamEdit

Denmark Flag Ghortak Sondre Ludviksen Guardian Team Coast Blue
Xaliea Jeroen Klaver Solo Lane Azzur
Austrian Flag
Psiyo Leo Stefan Helpferer  Mid Lane Azzur
Austrian Flag
Smek Rafael Kowar Hunter Azzur
UK Flag
Suntouch Peter Logan Guardian Azzur
German Flag
prOxyQQ Dirk Meichsner Jungle Team Kicked
Austrian Flag
enQu Gregor Rudolf Solo Lane Cloud 9
ManiaKK João Ferreira Solo Lane Fnatic
Swedish Flag
Zyrhoes Joakim Verngren Jungle Fnatic
UK Flag
CaptainTwig Benjamin Knight Mid Lane Fnatic
UK Flag
Realzx Marcus Vining Hunter Fnatic
Norway Flag
Badgah Bo Katzenmaier Guardian Fnatic
Spanish Flag
Warchi Marc Gómez Substitute Fnatic

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