Optixx is currently the Mid Laner for Panthera.


  • Known for his ability to play multiple roles and large god pool
  • Also known for often trolling in ranked games in a variety of ways


Optixx had played Smite for a long time and was an experienced ranked player. He was picked up by Bipolar Method as a sub. After leaving them, Optixx was not on a team for some time until forming his own team, GimmeYoSandwich for the launch tournament qualifiers. Unfortunately, they did not qualify, and soon became inactive. After the launch tournament, Optixx joined Team Coast Blue as their ADC after they kicked their previous ADC, Funball. The new team proved disappointing however as they were upset in the first round of the new tournament to Worth Gaming. This led to roster changes within the team that put Optixx back in the jungle. They managed to defeat Exposed Secrets in the first game with the new roster but fell in the next round to BloodyTech EU. Optixx and teammate Emilitoo soon left and formed Team Bully. They had moderate success and soon disbanded the team after Cloud 9 went through roster changes and YOUNGBAE invited them to join, which they accepted. Optixx is now playing mid, replacing Psiyo. Later on after the EU roster of the Cloud 9 team disbanded he moved on iRaffer's new team Panthera.