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Nu Wa, the Guardian of Heaven, is a mage of the Chinese pantheon in Smite.

Lore Edit

When two warring Gods shattered the World Pillar, Heaven and Earth dangerously shifted, and Armageddon was unleashed. Firestorms, floods, and bloodthirsty monsters ravaged the land and stole the lives of more than can be counted. In ages past, Nu Wa, Guardian of Heaven and Earth, hand-crafted all people from clay. They were her creations, her children, her responsibility.

As the Earth shuddered and broke, and the skies turned black with ash, Nu Wa forged five mystic stones, one for each of the elemental forces of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal. With the power of these stones, she slew a gargantuan tortoise, severed its legs, and raced to the broken World Pillar. One leg she used to prop the Heavens aloft and with the elemental stones, she sealed it in place. Balance between Heaven and Earth was restored, but the world was never the same. Skies cleared, but the stars had shifted. Seas retreated, but rivers drained westward. Everything leaned, but the End was averted.

In the years that followed, Nu Wa and her brother, Fu Xi, took the throne of China. They ruled with wisdom and ushered in an age of recovery and prosperity, for which she is adored and worshipped to this day.

Yet, the skies grow dark once more and chaos threatens to engulf the land. Gods from all Pantheons have chosen Earth as a battleground, trading blows with the same thoughtless fervor that destroyed the World Pillar so long ago. Determined to prevent such calamity from repeating, Nu Wa has summoned the elemental stones once more. For she is the Guardian of Heaven and Earth; all mankind are her creations, her children, her responsibility.

Abilities Edit

IconNuWaMysteriousFog Mysterious Fog
Nu Wa condenses moisture into fog at her location which then rolls forward away from her. She and all allies are stealthed while inside the fog, and have increased movement speed. Attacking breaks the stealth effect. Enemies that run into the fog take damage, and continue to take 20% of that damage again every second they are in the fog.
Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 (+50% of your magical power)
Ability: Ground Target
Damage: Magical
Cooldown: 15s
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90s
Lifetime: 6s
Movement Speed: 10s
Affects: All
Radius: 20
IconNuWaClaySoldiers Clay Soldiers
Nu Wa conjures Clay Soldiers from the earth. These soldiers have health equal to 200 plus 20% of Nu Wa's maximum health, and deal damage with basic attacks. Enemies hit by their initial charge will take damage and have their magical protections reduced.
Damage: 20/30/40/50/60 Per Hit
Soldiers Conjured: 1/2/2/2/3 for 10s.
Affects: Enemy
Cooldown: 18s
Magical Protection Reduction: 5/10/15/20/25 for 2s/ max 3 stacks.
Ability: Summon Pet
Damage: Physical
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
IconNuWaShiningMetal Shining Metal
Nu Wa launches a mass of shining metal, damaging all enemies it hits. If it hits one of her Clay Soldiers, it explodes, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies.
Damage: 90/130/170/210/250 (+50% of your magical power)
Minion Explode: 30/60/90/120/150 (+30% of your magical power)
Affects: Enemies
Range: 65
Cost: 60
Minion Stun: 1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s
Ability: Line
Damage: Magical
Cooldown: 8s
IconNuWaFireShards Fire Shards
Nu Wa flies up into the clouds, gaining visibility on all enemy gods, and summoning fire shards from the sky to damage each of them.
Damage: 100/175/250/325/400 (+30% of your magical power)
Damage: Magical
Cost: 100
Ability: Global
Affects: Enemy
Cooldown: 110
IconNuWaStrengthofWood Strength of Wood
After 5 successful basic attacks, Nu Wa's next basic attack will root enemies.
Root Duration: 1.5s
Affects: Enemies
Ability: Passive
Damage: Magical

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