This is a page for tips on Neith. Here, you can find the god/goddess's strengths and weaknesses, good items, and other strategies for the god.







Broken Weave This ability, while having strong effects, is too unreliable to use well. The weaves can easily be scattered all around the map, making to difficult for Neith to land one of her abilities on it without wasting it. The best ability to pair it with is Unravel.
Spirit Arrow Spirit Arrow's root is extremely useful against enemies you are chasing. If trying to activate a Broken Weave, target any that are in the center of the lane, close to the middle. This very easily destroys enemy minions and can severely damage a god.
Unravel Unravel provides very high sustain. It is almost always possible to hit three targets with this ability, as minions come in left and right, and they are the easiest targets.
Back Flip Back Flip is great as boost when getting out your base, and is helpful when avoiding AoE abilities.
World Weaver World Weaver is extremely good for ganking, as the arrow will follow its target through any obstacle. Enemies will be spending a long time figuring out what killed them right before they stepped inside their base.




Ninja Tabi The bonus attack speed and moderate power upgrade makes this a very good early game item to purchase.
Titan's Bane Thirty three percent bonus penetration is extremely powerful, and is a useful item for any Hunter.
Wind Demon Wind Demon grants good crit chance, power, and attack speed bonuses for a very reasonable price, making this a good mid game item to purchase.
Deathbringer Deathbringer is a very pricy item, and you really only need it if you are going full aggro.
Void Shield Void Shield power bonus passive is very strong, and makes her abilities much more stronger. Additionally, the bonus protections while below 50% health adds to Neith's already good sustain.

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