IconKaliMarkedforDeath Marked for Death
A random enemy god is selected as Kali's Death Mark. Kali gains a Physical Penetration bonus against that god, and heals 80% of her max health for killing the god or 15% for earning an assist. Gold Bounty from that god is increased by 30%. A new Death Mark is selected any time her current target dies, or if Kali dies it is set to whoever last hit her.
Physical Penetration: 10%+1% per level
Ability: Passive
Heal on Kill: 80%
Heal on Assist: 15%

Patch changes Edit

  • IconSmite (Patch Season 3Note: Kali is now rewarded on kills or assists.; Kali now heals 80% of her maximum Health on kills, and 15% on Assists.; Increased gold bonus from 25% → 30%.

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