IconSkadiKaldr Kaldr, The Winter Wolf
Kaldr fights by Skadi's side and has 2 forms: Beast and Elemental. While in Beast form he can attack enemies and be attacked. While Elemental he is immune to attacks and regenerates health over time. His forms can be controlled with Skadi's Rune of the Hunt but he will be forced into Elemental form if he loses all Hit Points.
Ability: Summon Pet
Attack Speed: 50% Of Skadi's
Lane Minion Damage: 1 HP lost per 5 hits
Hit Points: 5
Move Speed: 110% Of Skadi's
Other Source Damage: 1 HP lost from any attack or ability

Patch changes Edit

  • IconSmite (Patch 3.5Note: Increased cooldown on dash from 2s → 5s.

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