Items are a very important part of Smite. They provide players with powerful bonuses for themselves and their allies and debuffs for enemies, which can turn the tide of battle. Items cost gold, earned in several different ways.

There are many types of items:

Players can only hold up to six passive items, two relics and two consumables; except for consumables, players cannot have more that one of the same item.

Starter Items
Bumba's Mask Lono's Mask Rangda's Mask Mark of the Vanguard Swift Wing Watcher's Gift
Bluestone Pendant Death's Toll War Flag Sands of Time Soul Stone Vampiric Shroud
Item - Aegis Amulet Item - Aegis Amulet Upgrade Item - Belt of Frenzy Item - Belt of Frenzy Upgrade Item - Blink Rune Item - Blink Rune Upgrade Item - Bracer of Undoing
Item - Bracer of Undoing Upgrade Item - Cursed Ankh Item - Cursed Ankh Upgrade Item - Hand of the Gods Item - Hand of the Gods Upgrade Item - Heavenly Wings Item - Heavenly Wings Upgrade
Item - Horrific Emblem Item - Horrific Emblem Upgrade Item - Shell Item - Shell Upgrade Item - Meditation Cloak Item - Meditation Cloak Upgrade Item - Phantom Veil
Item - Phantom Veil Upgrade Item - Purification Item - Purification Upgrade Item - Shield of Thorns Item - Shield of Thorns Upgrade Item - Sundering Spear
Item - Sundering Spear Upgrade Item - Teleport Gylph Item - Teleport Gylph Upgrade
2929 2930 Consumable - MultiPotion 1992 1993 Consumable - ChaliceofHealing
Consumable - ChaliceofMana Consumable - ChaliceoftheOracle 1980 1977 2064 2065