IconSerqetDeathbane Deathbane
Serqet dashes three times from side to side, dealing damage and applying Deathbane Poison to each enemy hit. This ability can critical hit, and Serqet is immune to knockup while dashing. Deathbane Poison reduces a target's physical protection for a short time, after which it remains in a lingering dormant state for 20s.
Damage: 60/80/100/120/140 (+45% of your physical power)
Affects: Enemies
Max Distance: 50
Cost: 60
Protection Reduction: 15% for 3s.
Ability: Dash
Damage: Physical
Cooldown: 10s

Patch changes Edit

  • IconSmite (Patch 3.5Note: Cooldown reduced from 12s → 10s.
  • IconSmite (Patch Season 3Note: Increased cooldown from 10 → 12.

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