This is a page for tips on Da Ji. Here, you can find the god/goddess's strengths and weaknesses, good items, and other strategies for the god.

General Edit



Da Ji's abilities all have high scaling and rather short cooldowns.
Da Ji has high mobility.

Abilities Edit



Torture Blades Da Ji's Torture Blades become very powerful after obtaining many physical power items. Her passive can finish off enemies just out of reach.
Horrible Burns Horrible Burns is an ability that causes very high damage with almost no cooldown. This can be applied to jungle monsters or stronger minions to severely weaken them.
One Thousand Cuts This ability essentially extends the range of your attacks and the speed at which they are executed. This is great for taking out hordes of minions.

Additionally, the bonus movement speed makes this a good get away tool.

Trickster Spirit This ability has it's ups and it's downs. This is essentially a weaker version of the Blink Rune, but with a drastically shorter cooldown. Also, you can teleport to enemies or enemy minions, and jungle camps. However, the downside is, it has a channeling time, meaning it teleport's you to your target's location a few moments after. This can be dangerous, because if the enemy goes behind their tower or to their team during this time, it can cause you some serious problems. Try to make sure you can easily fight your way out after using Trickster Spirit on an enemy.

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