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Q: What is Corrupted Arena?
A: Corrupted Arena is our newest Adventure that turns the Arena Map into a Mayan Battleground, full of dangerous challenges. Team up with your friends and fight to stay alive!

Q: When does Corrupted Arena run?
A: Corrupted Arena starts with 4.15 and runs until 4.18 hits.

Q: What are Arena Points?
A: Arena Points are earned upon completing Corrupted Arena games and can be traded in for Adventure Chests to unlock in-game content. You will earn points based on the match time, completion, and earn a bonus upon winning a game. You can also purchase Arena Points for Gems (150 Gems for 2500 Points) and you will be granted 2x Arena Points after purchasing the Corruption Bundle.

Q: What are the Adventure Chests?
A: Arena Points can be traded in for Tormented, Possessed, and Corrupted Chest Rolls. These Chests include Skins, Cosmetic Items (like Ward Skins or Announcer Packs), Favor, and Fantasy Points!

Q: What’s in the Corruption Bundle?
A: The Corruption Bundle includes the Limited Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan, Limited Corrupted Ward Skin, Limited Corrupted Avatar, Limited Corrupted Music Theme and a Gold Key. PLUS, purchasing the Bundle will grant you 2x Arena Points during the Adventure and a bonus sum of 2500 Arena Points up front.

Q: How much is the Corruption Bundle?
A: The Corruption Bundle is 900 Gems while Corrupted Arena is live, then it will cost 1000 Gems.

Q: Can I still purchase the Corruption Bundle once Corrupted Arena is over?
A: Yes! It will no longer be a discounted price, but you will be able to purchase the Corruption Bundle during all 2017 Adventures.

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