As Smite is a MOBA like League of Legends or DOTA, it has many different Terms used. Here are many of the terms used in the Smite community (add to the page if you wish)

Term Meaning
Feed To feed means to constantly die to the enemy team without getting many kills, and therefor 'feeding' them gold and XP.
Gank To wrap around and go behind the enemy/an enemy god and attack them from behind. Very useful for assassins
Back Door To back door a tower/phoenix/titan is to simply avoid all the action going on, go up to the low-health building and destroy without minions. A risky but useful move when minions aren't being pushed up the lane
Harass To not kill but bring an enemy god down from high HP to low HP so another god can kill before the enemy recalls
Push To persistently move up a lane to destroy an enemy building
OP An obvious one, Referring to an enemy or attack that is beyond the point of balance or "Over Powered"