Cu Chulainn Passive Berserk
Cu Chulainn’s Mana Bar functions differently than other gods. His Mana is capped at 100 and only regenerates up to 25 Mana. Hitting Abilities, Basic Attacks, or allies and himself taking damage cause Cu Chulainn to gain Mana. After being above 85 Mana for 3 seconds, he goes Berserk. While Berserk, Cu Chulainn gains Power and Maximum Health and his Abilities change.
Ability: Buff
Health Conversion: 15% of Mana
Berserk Threshold: 85
Bonus Power: 5 + 2 per level
Affects: Self
Bonus Health: 40 + 23 per level
Berserk Duration: 20s

Patch changes Edit

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