IconRamaAstralStrike Astral Strike
Rama switches to a more powerful arrow that pierces and slows enemies. This ability consumes 1 of Rama's Astral Arrows and deals bonus damage with every shot. Damage from this ability is now reduced to 75% for each enemy hit after the first. Rama cannot toggle this ability if he has no Astral Arrows. The slow can be stacked up to 3 times.
Slow %: 10%
Bonus Damage: 10/20/30/40/50
Affects: Self
Cost: 20 + 1 arrow per shot
Time Slowed: 1s
Ability: Buff
Damage: Physical

Patch changes Edit

  • IconSmite (Patch 4.15Note: Decreased Bonus Damage from 15/25/35/45/55 → 10/20/30/40/50.
  • IconSmite (Patch 3.4Note: Reduced mana cost per arrow from 25 → 20 per arrow.

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