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Anubis, the God of the Dead, is a mage of the Egyptian pantheon in Smite.

Lore Edit

Jackal-headed Anubis holds the ultimate judgment over the dead, measuring every heart against the weight of Truth.

Nephthys, wife of Set - the God of Darkness, desired a child, yet her husband was infertile, so Nephthys disguised herself as Isis, the wife of Set’s brother Osiris, and seduced him. From that union, Anubis was born. Osiris cared for Anubis as his own, but when Osiris was murdered by his evil brother, Set, Anubis embalmed his adopted father and mummified the corpse so he would not rot. This preservation passed down to the Faithful, for if it was good enough for the Gods, it was good enough for man.

None enter the abyss of the Underworld without first being tested by Anubis. When corpses are preserved, he is the embalmer. When time for judgment comes, he is the final arbiter. In his realm, he keeps legendary weighing scales. On one side, the massive weight of Ma’at – truth and order. On the other side, he places the heart of the deceased. Should the weight of Ma’at prove infinitely heavier than that of the heart, Anubis casts the soul deep into the darkness of the Underworld, where it is forgotten, never to be reborn.


IconAnubisSorrow Sorrow
All of Anubis' abilities steal Physical and Magical Protection from the target and he gains increased Scaling to his item-based Magical Lifesteal. In addition, Sorrow grants Anubis an additional 30% reduction to all Crowd Control durations.
Ability: Buff/Debuff
Magical Lifesteal Scaling per Tick: (pexistspprop1026/0.33/+#/ +33% of your lifesteal)
Max Stacks: 3
Stolen per Tick: 7
Duration: 5s
IconAnubisPlagueofLocusts Plague of Locusts
A plague of locusts bellows forth from Anubis' mouth, smothering all enemies in the area and doing damage every .5s for 3s. Anubis is immune to knockback while channeling.
Ability: Cone
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Damage per Tick: 35/50/65/80/95 (+40% of your magical power)
IconAnubisMummify Mummify
Anubis fires a bandage projectile, mummifying and stunning his target.
Ability: Projectile
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14s
Cost: 60
Stun Duration: 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2s
IconAnubisGraspingHands Grasping Hands
Anubis calls for help from the underworld as hands penetrate the ground and claw at his enemies, doing damage and Slowing every .5s for 2s.
Ability: Ground Target
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110
Damage per Tick: 25/40/55/70/85 (+35% of your Magical Power)
Radius: 20
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s
Slow: 25%
IconAnubisDeathGaze Death Gaze
Anubis focuses all of his energy into a piercing gaze, doing damage to all enemies in the path, every 0.1 seconds for 3 seconds.
Ability: Line
Cooldown: 90/85/80/75/70s
Cost: 90
Damage per Tick: 23/28/33/38/43 (+15% of your magical power)

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Achievements Edit

Anubis Mummified

As Anubis stun 15 enemy gods using mummify in a single match.

Anubis WhereAmI
Where Am I?:

As Anubis kill an enemy god with Death Gaze behind a wall.

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